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BlackTower Group Inc. is a premier provider of construction and high quality Telecom solutions under both the Infrastructure and Professional Services banners. These custom solutions vary greatly in size and complexity. Our extremely talented group of skilled professionals are relied upon by our clients in the following Programs and/or Projects: Tower Line and Antenna Swaps, Modifications, New Site Builds, Build To Suits, Troubleshooting and Maintenance. Safety and our Client’s satisfaction are of the highest priority with a continuous focus on improvement echoed throughout our organization and at all levels.

Our Services


Equipment and Line Installation

BlackTower Group completes complex installations and equipment replacement on various types of towers or sites including; Self Supporting, Guy Wired, Monopole, Flagpole, Water Tanks, Rooftops and Raw Land Sites. Our crews are highly regarded for their attention to detail during connection and alignment of the build and for ensuring we are meeting Market specifications.


Civil Work

Our company carries several civil construction crews capable of trenching, excavation, pulling power and/or installing aerial and underground fiber. We tailor and design configuration solutions inside of the compound or shelter as necessary.

Satellite Dish

Mount Swaps & Structural Modifications

Our highly skilled workforce is relied upon to complete mount swaps, steel modifications and reinforcement, mount alignment and center point changes. These modifications do not require a crane in most cases. We can complete difficult or little headroom sites with stick builds and following special rigging requirements as needed.



BlackTower Group is called upon frequently to perform tower maintenance and troubleshooting efforts. We are able to swiftly identify and clear leaving the site alarm free.


Testing and Integration

Our skilled workforce performs an array of service and equipment testing. We own the necessary high end and hardware and software testing equipment such as PIM Testers, Sweep Testers, OTDR and ODM to guarantee industry standard compliance.


Emergency Deployment

BlackTower Group stands at the ready to deploy its workforce in support of Natural Disasters and/or critical Client Outage Support 24/7.

Our Mission and Priorities



Safety and the security of our workforce is the highest importance of BlackTower Group. Competent training and the certification of all of our professionals ensures we remain compliant under the most stringent of industry standards. We work tirelessly to ensure our services are being delivered under a safe work environment at all times.



We strive to ensure our services are being rendered under the highest of quality and compliance standards. Our professionals ensure their personal equipment and the equipment of our valued client is well maintained while in our care and throughout our build process.



Our professional workforce is highly trained and extremely proficient in fulfilling our client’s infrastructure needs when dispatched. We have an in-house training facility and instructors teaching and certifying competent climbers, rescue techniques and rigging.

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